“Now You Can Become More Sexually Fulfilled And Experience The Intimacy You’ve Always Dreamed Of!”

From: Marina Pearson

Dear Friend,

It’s often said that the single most important area of our lives – the area that has the potential to give us most pain, and most pleasure – is our love life.

In fact…

My research shows that over (70%) of adults in the western world have experienced either a divorce or painful separation from a partner.

And with the divorce rate now rapidly increasing to an all-time high it seems problems in intimate relationships are more common than ever.


If you’re reading this and you’re currently:

  • In a relationship that’s not fulfilling you in the way you’d like (i.e. everything’s “OK” but you’re not truly happy)
  • Considering leaving your husband/wife/partner in the near future
  • Bored and want a more fulfilling sex life...

Then I have some reassuring news for you. You’re not alone.

Because on a daily basis I work with couples in just your position.

And it’s crazy really!

Because there are SO MANY people out there feeling “stuck” and frustrated when it comes to their love life, when the truth is all they need is to UNDERSTAND how people (specifically the opposite sex) operate.

For the last 5 years I’ve dedicated my life to finding out just that, and sharing the answers with my coaching clients and workshop attendees.

It all began because I was in a “relationship rut” myself.

In fact, it was more than a “rut”.

I was sat in a New York hospital, contemplating suicide.

The pain was just too great.

It seemed at the time there was just no way out. I was depressed, run down, and my relationship had fallen apart.

I’d had failed relationships before, but this time it was different.

Six months previously, my husband had told me he wanted a divorce, and I’d been on a downward spiral ever since.

Thankfully, this low-point in my life turned out to be a defining moment for me.

I decided to embark on a journey to discover what exactly had caused the breakdown of my marriage.

Pretty quickly I realized there were some key elements missing, and the absence of these key elements were having a massive impact on our sex life.

Communication was a problem. I hadn’t felt safe enough to talk to him properly and openly about how I was feeling and what was bothering me. And when I did, blame, criticism, and contempt would follow.

Consequently, neither of us were satisfied and sex was non-existant.

When I look back I realise that I simply had no understanding of what men really want, just as my husband had no idea of what I really wanted.

Maybe you can relate to some of this?

Maybe you’re in a relationship right now and you’re not sure it’s right for you. Maybe your marriage is breaking down. Maybe your in a relatively new relationship but the initial infatuation you had seems to be slipping away.

Whatever the case, I’m willing to be that if you’re not currently experiencing the love and intimacy you desire, or your sex life is boring, there’s one BIG reason why.

Now, before I go any further, I’ll warn you that the content of this page is certainly NOT for the feint-hearted.

What you're about to read will probably challenge your beliefs and maybe even shock you.

So, the BIG reason why relationships fail…


The fact is that when a relationship starts to fade, your sex life is one of the first things to suffer.

Sometimes the lack of sexual connection is the ROOT CAUSE of the relationship breakdown, and the frustration about a lack of good sex can spill over into other areas of our lives.

…And sometimes it’s just a symptom of something else that’s not working.

Let me explain…

Often it’s problems in other areas of our lives that lead to a lack of sex and intimacy. Think about the housewife who’s so busy with the kids she has no time for her husband. Or the workaholic who spends all his time at the office and neglects his wife. Or even the couple in financial distress.

These problems – and many others – can become unhealthy distractions, that ultimately cause couples to become disconnected and invariably leads to the breakdown of the relationship.

Loss of loving intimacy affects your ENTIRE well-being, both in and out of the bedroom.

So we frequently stop our “sensual freeflow” while we work on fixing other problems in our lives.

Consequently, both our love life and our intimate relationship start to suffer.

There is no right or wrong formula here – the simple fact that most people would recognize is… it’s all about BALANCE.

As I already mentioned, for the last 5 years I’ve dedicated my life to researching and understanding what REALLY makes men and women tick, and ultimately, what creates that special “SPARK” in the bedroom.

Along the way I’ve realised that over 70% of relationships that fail, do so because of a lack of intimacy.

You see, most couples fall into one of the following three categories:

• They have regular intimate time together but don't REALLY connect at the deepest level

• They rarely spend intimate time together, OR

• They don't have ANY intimate time together at all - and consequently experience MASSIVE disconnection
And these three scenarios invariably lead to the same result:


The scary thing is - most divorces and separations could easily be avoided if people understood some key relationship principles – particularly when it comes to sex and intimacy.

But the problem is…

No-one ever teaches us HOW to be intimate, do they?

In fact, most people's "education" when it comes to the opposite sex comes from our peers when we are teenagers - and most of the time the people we're taking advice from people who know just as little as we do!

So consequently we're left "fumbling around in the dark" (sometimes literally!) not knowing what to do.

Consequently, two things happen…

1) Men just don’t understand how to meet the needs of a woman; and

2) Women don’t understand how to meet the needs of a man.

So let me ask you a few important questions:

• Has your love life lost its colour?

• Are you left feeling unfulfilled in the bedroom?

• Have you lost your sexual energy and feeling tired instead?

• Do you miss your intimate connection with your ‘lover’ in the bedroom?

• Are you critical of how your body looks?

• Would you really like to reignite that spark you had in the beginning?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above questions, I’m pleased to say I have a solution for you…


The “Sensual Freeflow” workshop

At this limited-numbers workshop, I’ll be sharing the very best of what I know when it comes to helping both men and women to get a deeper understanding of sex, intimacy, and relationships in general.

Here’s just some of what I’ve got in store for you at the “Sensual Freeflow” workshop:

• Discover your “inner sensual being” and unleash your power in your relationship

• Learn how to understand the deepest needs of the opposite sex

• Discover the secrets on generating intense intimacy to reignite that sexual spark

• Reconnect deeply with yourself and with your partner to increase the passion in your life.

• How to communicate in an effective way and ask for what you want – both in and outside the bedroom

• The secret to loving the way you look and increasing confidence

• Understand and change your negative beliefs around relationships and sex

• Regain that feeling of inner warmth and love throughout your relationship

• Gain physical and mental well-being and generate more energy in your life

• The secrets to reducing conflict in your relationship so life becomes easy!

MEN: Get in touch with your masculine energy so you create massive sexual attraction to women

WOMEN: Get in touch with your feminine energy and discover how to effortlessly attract the type of man you really want (not some loser who just fancies a shag!)

• And loads more!

I have designed this workshop specifically for people to look at their beliefs around relationships and sex so that they see what is holding them back.

If you’re currently in a relationship and you want to take your sex life – and your relationship – to the next level…

If you’re feeling “stuck” in the bad relationship cycle…

If you’re frustrated at the lack of sexual spark in your relationship…


Now, before we go any further I was to reassure you that there’s no “funny business” at this workshop.

What I mean is, there’s no uncomfortable “demos” and “practice sessions” teaching you how to please your partner sexually.

This is about getting in touch with your core sexual energy and finding ways to channel it to give yourself and your partner the very best intimate experience possible.

So if you’re looking for some x-rated biology class… this is not for you.

At this workshop I’ll be exploring a series of exercises that have been specifically designed to help you find and connect with your core energy.

I promise you’ll feel completely comfortable – mainly because most of the exercises are done internally (i.e. in your head), so it’s not like anyone else can see what you’re thinking!

This really is all about YOU.

It’s about freeing yourself… liberating yourself… from the repression of feeling awkward and uncertain in the bedroom so you can finally have a fun, exciting, and fulfilling sex life!

Even if your partner can’t make it, this workshop will still transform your sexual experiences forever!


But there's one small problem...

I Only Have 20 Seats Available At The Venue!

Unfortunately, once these 20 spaces have been snapped up, we'll be full up and this page will be removed.

So if you're interested in attending, you'll need to be decisive and act fast.

The Price…

If you’ve read this far, I’m going to assume you’re interested in attending, and so all you really want to know now is how much it costs.

But before I tell you, consider this…

Whenever you make a decision about whether or not to buy something, all you’re really doing is weighing up the VALUE of what you’re buying versus the COST.

Now, I understand that it’s hard to put a value on your relationship happiness, but just imagine for a second that you could.

What do you think living in a fun and fulfilling relationship (and sex life) is worth to you?

£1,000? £2,000? More?

Well, the good news is, you won’t have to pay thousands of pounds to attend this workshop. In fact, you won’t even need to pay hundreds.

The “surprisingly low” cost…

We want to get this information out to as many people as possible, and in order to do that, we decided made tickets for the workshop as affordable as possible. After all, we don’t want something as silly as ticket price to stop you from attending!

So I decided to make tickets for the “Sensual Freeflow” available at just £97 each.


And if you don’t love every minute of the Sensual Freeflow workshop, we’ll give you all your money back!

Here’s my invitation to you:

Come along to the Sensual Freeflow workshop and hear everything I have to say. If by 1pm when we take lunch you don’t think it’s right for you, or you don’t think we delivered on the promises we’ve made here on this page, come and let me know and I’ll happily refund the cost of your ticket in full, no questions asked.



“Marina takes a unique and creative approach to her workshops, absorbing herself into personas with great gusto. I was impressed with the breadth of reference and her ability to keep in character whilst working with the group. There were some profound lessons to be learned. I also really liked doing the Press The Buttons exercise which gave a light yet very honest way to disclose something that's been on your mind - it was cathartic and burden-shedding.” Louise Beegan, London


PLUS, when you secure your ticket today, you also get the following bonuses:


A 30 Minute Private Relationship Consultation with Marina Pearson

When you reserve your seat today you'll also get the benefit of a private 30-minute telephone consultation with me, where together we'll identify the challenges that are currently showing up in your relationship, and find solutions you can use immediately.


The 20 most powerful questions you can ask yourself to get your relationship back in shape

Asking empowering questions can be extremely transformative not only to yourself but to your relationship.

As Tony Robbins, one of the most successful peak performance coaches in the personal development industry would say, “The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the quality of the questions you ask yourself!"

And that's why when you book your place at the Sensual Freeflow workshop you'll also get access to the 20 powerful questions that will reduce negativity and get you to start thinking about what the benefits are to your disagreements and conflicts. Questions that you may have never thought to ask that can make a difference to the quality of your relationship.


Twelve Win:Win communication strategies that will have you connecting and grow the intimacy you are yearning for WITHIN minutes

We were never taught how to communicate properly as children nor have we been educated to do so. But Statistics show that communication is the number one killer for any relationship if not used and understood properly.

When you register today you will also get 12 win-win communication strategies that will get you speaking the same language and improve your connection. Communication can come in many forms: verbal, physical and/or be experienced through action and behavior.


Two months FREE access to my exclusive membership site

Finall, you'll also get two months access to my membership site which contains exclusive audios and videos including the winning relationship formula along with other blogs that will take your relationship to another level!



So if you want to:

• Increase your confidence in the bedroom and your life in general

• Discover the innate differences between men and women so you can create the intimacy you desire.

• Discover what men and woman truly want to truly bring fulfilment into the bedroom to create long lasting passion.

• Free yourself of beliefs and fears that are holding you back from having that loving relationship you truly desire.

Then click the button below now to secure your seat:


“Marina has an exceptional talent for allowing us to get to the real heart of the matter with issues we hold on to unnecessarily. The environment she creates within her development programmes are fun, incisive and incredibly valuable. Coming from a place of both skill and experience, I wholeheartedly endorse Marina and Soul Conneczions for anyone looking for support to evolve any kind of relationship that has been a challenge. She gets results, it really is that simple.” Richard Cash, Hertfordshire


I promise you, this workshop will be completely different to anything you’ll have experienced before.

It’s not just a “sit and listen” seminar where you learn a bunch of theory. You’ll experience how to connect with your core sexual energy right there in the room, so you can go away and “try it out” straight away!

You’ll leave feeling LIBERATED, and with a complete understanding of what the opposite sex really want and how to make your sex life SMOKING HOT!

But remember…

Spaces at this workshop are extremely limited (we only have 20 seats available) so be sure to book your place now before it’s too late.

To your relationship happiness,


Marina Pearson

P.S. Remember, if you place your order before Tuesday 1st November you’ll get your ticket for HALF the normal price, meaning you pay just £47!

P.P.S. When you book your place today, you do so with no risk whatsoever. If by lunchtime on Sunday 8th you don’t feel the workshop is right for you, or you don’t think we delivered on our promises, just let us know and we’ll happily refund your money in full.

P.P.P.S. Still got questions? Feel free to email me on marina@soulconneczions.uk.net and I’ll be happy to respond personally.